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Hello, you the welcome on mywebmytv.com . Are you ready to change and improve, with us, the way you use the internet? You just have to have the patience to read this article, and then you will deepen your knowledge of our international project, clicking the various links. Do not be superficial, before saying that you like or do not like, read on. We are sure you will find our information useful and interesting. The international project of peace, friendship, fun and mutual respect of persons, mywebmytv.com, allows you to change and improve the way you use the Internet, integrating it, with the real life, in a useful and constructive. mywebmytv.com is also a web portal, which is divided into two parts or areas, with a site area, and an area of ​​" community " , also called " social network" , innovative and customizable. Moreover, it is an integration project of the Internet and the radio and television, on the web and traditional. Also is a game and sweepstakes, individual and team, randomly selected. Allows creation and management, by our registered users, a lot of web radio and web TV. We have many formats of television and radio programs, unique and innovative products that allow everyone to participate win and earn a percentage, based on activities. Practically it is also a reality and talent shows on the web, on the radio, on television and in life real. Stages with the entire local, national and international. Recording, creating a personal profile, participation in all activities of our innovative project, and will be forever, free and without obligation. We also want to ensure all, which is a web portal mywebmytv.com absolutely safe and reliable. Contains no viruses or other software, harmful or dangerous. Always recommend, however, to our registered users and to our visitors, utmost care and attention, if you click on the links, external to our web portal, published by various users or visitors. Having said that, let us briefly introduce our vast project. Firstly we want to explain the reason for which it was born mywebmytv.com . Why now is the time to make people, not just members, but also partners and owners, a web portal and an innovative project? Explain better. Whoever registers to a web portal, a social network, an international project, becomes the protagonist, loads its data, his videos, his photographs, his music , share it with family and friends, chat, send messages , create events , groups, even a simple " I like it" , helps you grow , improve and become rich , many people and companies that manage the various websites that you visit . mywebmytv.com with the owner of the web site and all of our project is our registered user, so each activity is rewarded and rewarded with percentages. each of our registered user, will receive one share individual and cannot be sold , which will allow him to be the owner, together with us , and to all our registered users, of the entire project , with all its components , of all the activities , and therefore also of the portal web , our web TV and web radio, playing our games, contests, challenges , missions, our format of television and radio programs , our reality and talent shows . Obviously getting the action , you specify clearly, that in for debts or liabilities, or our web portal of our project , no never registered user will be held responsible , so you will never , under any circumstances, pay any amount . However, can receive, in addition to a percentage, based on your participation the project, including awards of various kinds. our main innovation is to make all our registered users, actors and masters of their own destiny. thank all our friends who have joined us in this great adventure . Thanks heart for your trust and for your support . we are only at the beginning and struggling a bit ' to raise awareness and understanding above all , our project . Thanks also to those who criticized us in a constructive way . 's main criticism concerns the length of our articles. you're exactly right , we wanted to be clear and inform you of everything in great detail . Internet , means above all , information . we respect you too much to write in a few lines , the explanation of a project so large and rich news. Upon mywebmytv.com , there are a few simple rules to be respected. mywebmytv.com The project is for all the people , companies , manufacturers of radio and television programs , institutions of various kinds. for all the details, you can read our extensive article . bottom of the page you will find links to several detailed articles , based on your interests. Please continue reading. for now thank you and a hug from the staff of mywebmytv.com .
Welcome , mywebmytv.com . This lengthy article, explains the project mywebmytv.com . Please join us .
This is the web portal of the international project of peace, friendship and fun, mywebmytv.com .
Our motto is : "to the world , there are only two kinds of people , good or bad ." If you, you belong to the first category , you can register and create your own personal profile on this web portal.
Our principal ideal is mutual respect, of all people , of all individual and collective freedoms .
This project , change, improve and make more funny, the way you use the internet.
Seamlessly integrate the virtual and the real life . Seamlessly integrates , internet, radio and television.
This is a complete game , in which each person discovers and develops many activities , useful and interesting . If you do not find , creates them and shares them with others.
In this project , all our registered users, are the real stars , with their imagination , their ideas , their creativity and individual qualities , which combined , the collective qualities in team play, represent with honor, loyalty and successful, many human qualities.
Join us in this beautiful adventure, register now and create , your personal profile is simple, fast, free and without obligation. Please help us , to make known to people as possible , this project and this web portal , after your registration , become , your project and your web portal. For the first time , those who register and participate in a project and a web portal , it becomes the owner .
Share with all your relatives , friends and contacts, this web portal.
In addition, you can win many awards , both at the national and the international level.
You can also earn because participating with your ideas, with your materials , video, audio , you will receive a percentage of all advertising and contracts, mywebmytv.com , related to your activities during the project.
If you want them and they will have the quality , you can work with us, becoming arbitrator , then manager of the project and the web portal , on a voluntary basis for now , but soon, we hope to be able to take our employees , full-time .
The first members, each country will have many advantages and facilities .
You are the representative of a company, a television network , radio , a newspaper, a magazine, a portal or a website? Want to work with us? Contact us immediately , you can have it too, many advantages and facilities .
This will be possible , because we absolutely want to reward all those who first believe in ourselves, in our project and our ideals.
In this project , can participate , people of all ages , (for minors , there are some simple rules and recommendations, which are, in our Official Rules and in various articles in our web portal for information on the safety and protection of minors , please see our Rules of Procedure, detailed) , of both sexes , of all countries of the world, of all religions , all cultures , all traditions , all political opinions, of all colors, all the ways of living and thinking. In this short article , we will try to summarize , our project in some aspects we consider important . Registration at our web portal , the creation of a personal profile and participation in all activities of our project , is and will be forever, absolutely free and without obligation . You decide , how much of your free time you dedicate to our project. In addition, you are going to attend only to the activities that you enjoy or are of interest to you.
At the end of the article, you will find links to explore the various aspects that interest you most . Officially, it began the international stage , mywebmytv.com . From this moment, I am officially open , the entries to the web portal , mywebmytv.com . Mywebmytv.com , is a new web portal, a new international project , a new game and sweepstakes ( individually and in teams , randomly selected ) , is a new way to use the internet , and to manage the radio and television ( in a constructive way , funny , making all the protagonists) , is a social network, new and original , a real reality show , a real talent show , on the web, radio and television. The web portal is written in Italian , but with the ability to be translated into all the languages ​​of the world, with Google Translate (included in our website, in the top center of the home page and on the right , above, in ' community area ) . The web portal , mywebmytv.com , is divided into 2 main parts or areas. The area of ​​the website, where there are many articles (some very long, which explains both our international project of peace friendship and fun, the game and the prize draw ) . In the second part , there is the area of ​​community ( social network ), where there are the personal profiles of our registered users, the national and international groups (which we , using a sports term , we call teams ) . Each person can create a single personal profile on mywebmytv.com .
For one thing, after the registration on our web portal, you customize , your own personal profile (like on other social networks ) , and subscribe to the national group ( national team) , their country of residence, or the country in which you reside more during the year. Our registered users , groups ( teams) national , will be awarded randomly in one of the 5 groups ( teams) , each country of the world. From the smallest country in the world , the largest in each country , will form always and only 5 groups ( teams) , which can be , 1 2 3 4 or 5. In some countries, very small , the 5 teams will be combined with the 5 teams , a neighboring country , if possible , in which we speak the same language . All of our registered users are invited to join, the group (team ) " ALL.COUNTRIES.OF.THE.WORLD " (which is made by all our registered users on mywebmytv.com , of all the countries world) , is the group ( team) , more importantly, for the purpose of our project and our game. In addition , there are five groups ( teams) International , where you sign up, our registered users , after being awarded randomly to groups ( teams) , their country of residence. Obviously, having enrolled , the group (team ) national of your country of residence or, if you reside in more than one country , you sign up , the group (team ) of the country in which you reside more during the year. All groups ( teams) , are connected together , based on the number of group ( team ) , which can be , always and only , 1 2 3 4 or 5 . Now, many will criticize us , because to enroll people , at random , to the various groups ( teams) . We, we thought, that is the best way to prevent teams were formed on a geographical basis , or teams too numerous and too strong. It also enables us to put together , people of all types . Our international project will bring together people from different countries , cultures, religions , customs, traditions , and ways of living and thinking .
We respond to those who ask us , what they consist of challenges , missions , tasks and services , and periodically, the various referees ( in each country) , and various international referees (for the international phase ) , ask, the various teams and individual competitors . Practically , there is the challenge of all . Each participant will surely find something you can do well , or something that really interests him and more . If not found, it can , through the Executive Team , (nominated for a specified period to allow more people to be part of it ) or even in his own name , send a message on mywebmytv.com , to various arbitrators, in their own country of residence ( or, to the great international referee ) , who will try as soon as possible , to organize the challenge request, to each participant. There will be challenges of singing, dancing, choreography , acting, presentation of radio and television programs , music composition , composition, lyrics and poems , art, culture, cuisine , sports ( all sports possible ) , agility, dexterity , strength, intelligence ( quizzes , etc.) , creation of fashion, beauty ( with a beauty contest , miss and Mister , mywebmytv.com , with national and international stages ) , video games, card games and board games, movie making and photographs of all kinds , to social issues , comedy, magic , journalism, creation, management and implementation of web TV and web radio, radio and television programs , reality shows , talent shows, etc. . etc. . Everything will be created and organized for people of all ages . In addition, there will be , so many other possibilities and new, that will notify you later . The one hand, very importantly, they are movies and various materials , audio and video , made ​​by the members , of our teams . The game requires that everything be made ​​only by members of the teams, from the television program , films required by the game , everything is designed and implemented , solely and exclusively , by the various components of the various teams . Will be managed by the various teams and individual users, radio and television , on the web . These channels will be: international, national and team (but also individual , for the participants, our reality show and talent show ) . Our registered users , of the various teams , each country will manage the national radio and TV channels . All together , will manage our radio and TV channels , international . Obviously, the 5 international teams , will have radio and television channels , international , managed by the members of the various teams .
All materials produced will be included in the personal pages and pages of the various teams , to choose the members of each team , a vote of type (poll) first, then in the majority, the best services and the best people , who will represent teams in the various challenges. Ours is the game , there's more democratic . You decide all together.
An interesting innovation is our reality show on the web, for all teams will be chosen by our registered users, who will have their own TV channel on the web, in which they will compete and compare with other users, in accordance with the provisions of various officials, but also with the cooperation and help, their fellow group members ( team).
The winners of the various challenges , will be decreed by tele-voting , the vote on the web and in some cases by a jury or by different referees . In some cases, it will be used , different forms ( mixed ), which we prefer , for the winners . For the handling of the game and of our project in each country of the world, will be required and, if accepted , suggestions, from the political and religious authorities of each country. For the international stage , the various challenges , the various tasks and missions assigned to the various teams and individual registered users, will be decided , by our referees, the various countries.
Here are some examples of how the game is played .
Periodically, in the national pages of each country , the great referees, open discussions , in which they explain exactly what constitutes the challenge , the task or mission , which rely on national teams of their own country .
For example : sporting challenge , tennis. The 5 teams will compete in this way. In most cities , if possible , in various parts of the country , there will be a competition of tennis, for various categories and age. Participants can compete , win prizes and points lead , both to the team , which in themselves. Obviously, the entire tournament , will be filmed with mobile phones or cameras ( by registered users of the various teams ) , the materials created , may be published on the personal page of the various participants , on the page of each team , the best images will be rewarded and published on page national , or international . In addition, will be broadcast on our TV on the web, ( team , national and international ) . Extras ( from our registered users, of the various teams ) will be done , the interviews with the protagonists of the challenge. In the same sporting challenge , are integrated , award-winning , various activities and various challenges. Regarding the financing of the activities at the beginning , will be borne by our users ( or their parents or legal guardians in the case of minors) , but in the future (if the project grows, and we are confident that it will grow ) , all expenses or part of them, will be supported by our sponsors. For example, expenditure on sports facilities, could be repaid by inserting an advertisement ( duration and type, variable ) before, after, or during , the various movies made , or by inserting , in the pamphlets or brochures, the name of the manager sports facilities . In addition, the various challenges can be sponsored by organizations or commercial companies with which will be signed sponsorship contracts or collaboration .
Another example: stamp collector . In addition to presenting and commenting, its collections , through video images ( made ​​of your own, or with the help of their teammates ) , you can conduct interviews , or real documentary on the history of stamp collecting . As always, the pictures and the materials produced will be loaded on a personal page, many of the filmmakers and those who cooperate in their implementation. They will also load in the pages of their favorite team , the national team ( participating at the national challenge ) and on the international page ( participating in the international challenge ) . As always, the challenge may have one or more sponsors , with the various forms of advertising possible . In addition, will be broadcast on our TV on the web ( team , national and international ) . Also, (again by our users of the various teams ) , the interviews will be made to the various protagonists of the challenge.
The same procedure , explained in these two examples , it will be used for the challenges , of all types and of all kinds . One of the basic objectives of our project and our game, it's all put together, the various teams , to create challenges , always new and exciting . The important thing is to work actively , in compliance with the regulations in a spirit of honesty and fairness . Any registered user may in his own name or in the name of their team , (via the Executive Team ) , propose to the great referees, new challenges , different , based on their own interests and passions. Mywebmytv.com , not just the web, or virtual activities , it is also healthy physical activity , meeting , sharing and collaboration . The same procedure will take place in the challenges of international teams . Obviously, the methods of implementation , challenges, tennis and stamp collecting , ( presented in our examples ) , should be extended , absolutely all kinds of challenges and games as possible . Mywebmytv.com , is a talent show , on the web , in our television and radio , on the web, on television and radio, traditional . The true talents are and will always be , our registered users . An interesting aspect of our game is that in addition to being a talent show , (which proves , their value and their skills ) , it is also a real reality show, on television and on the web (web and traditional TV ) . Mywebmytv.com reality , it is an important component of our project nationally and internationally, virtually all our registered users , participating in our game , participates in a real reality show, on the web and on TV ( Web TV and traditional) . But some users , chosen by the various teammates and several referees will attend, a real reality show. The rules of the reality show, will be published soon , for now we can tell , only a few aspects. The first is that it will have its own dedicated web tv , ( created and managed by us and by you) , which transmit their images ( not 24 hours on 24 , for now, it is almost impossible ), but many hours day , and live broadcasting , various recorded materials . In fact, unlike other reality shows, where contestants have to know how to do a few things , aside from arguing and having sex, in our reality show, the competitors will be able to do everything. In addition to various arbitrators, to manage the game , there will be all the various users of mywebmytv.com , which will interact with the various competitors , can help them, but also put them in trouble. It will be really fun and above all , as always, our registered users , will be the real protagonists. Like all the various components and activities of our project , even " mywebmytv.com reality ," as the format of programs on the web, television and radio , is a registered trademark , and any use , in part or modified slightly , we will considered , unfair competition and infringement of copyright and will be prosecuted in court , with legal action on behalf of the managers of the project mywebmytv.com and collective , on behalf of all our registered users, (who are the owners, of the project and the web portal , with all its components).
The project encourages and actively supports , solidarity , culture ( in all its forms and all types ), sports and physical activity , integration and peace among all peoples , education, collaboration , communication, mutual understanding, meeting , love , nature and the environment, the beauty, for all TV , web, radio , religions , ( without distinction ) , mutual respect , art , music , fashion and all that good, there is in every person. The project does not discriminate against persons on grounds of nationality , religion , culture , color of skin, political orientation , sexual orientation and so on. etc. . There are absolutely allowed , the offense ( in any form ) , denigration , blasphemy ( of any kind ) , racial hatred , vulgarity ( of any kind ) , blackmail, vulgar explicit sexuality , pornography ( of any kind ) , disinformation , incitement to violence , cruelty , homophobia , bullying , fraud, scams , indecent proposals and for sexual purposes .
The aim of our project is a total struggle , to all forms of exploitation negative web, tv , society, for disinformation , lies, vulgarity , cruelty , pedophilia, racism , homophobia , etc. . etc. . , once again, because we will ask the help of all our members , to struggle together, to a more just society . In addition, through reports , our registered users, will be removed immediately , articles , multimedia content and materials, which are not in accordance with , the Laws and the contents presented in the various articles in this web portal. Punish severely all our registered users, who do not meet , in full, the Official Rules and the contents of the various articles .
Are encouraged , areas of discussion on the various issues , proposed by the various referees, the teams and individual participants , always taking into account the rules of civilized life.
The form of participation, and recording, obliges each , to fully accept and respect , our Official Rules, the rules of morality and integrity , people present or not present in our project , the political, religious, cultural and social .
Obviously, there may be a feeling, a criticism or a negative opinion, provided it is not in contradiction with what is specified .
We want to explain to everyone that mywebmytv.com , has some features that make it a unique and original design . Our web portal is full of articles, which explain our initiatives , with very long and detailed articles . For the first time in the world , those who register and create a personal profile on a web portal , participating in a project, it automatically becomes the owner. In fact, our first partner, it is our every registered user . The social mywebmytv.com , is similar to others, but is used in a different way . Each of our member, adds as friends and contacts on mywebmytv.com , only their teammates. In this way, you will know many new people .
Register now and create , your personal profile on mywebmytv.com , join us in this great adventure . Remember that everything is and will be forever, absolutely free and without obligation . Each of our member, participates in the activities of his interest and for the time you want to devote to our project. We are waiting and we thank you for reading this long our article. Please help us to make known our web portal and the project , to as many people as possible. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart .
Like any novelty, we struggle a lot, (actually a lot ) , to let us know , ( but everyone , after having understood what it is , I'm excited about this project and we are told, that is a great idea ) , so we ask all , and help us convey this message to as many people as possible. Each person can help us , joining us in this great adventure and sharing with others, this message.
We are looking for volunteers for the management of our presentation pages on facebook , project, mywebmytv.com , reserved for residents of the various countries of the world. Our project is very interesting and we are confident that this will be a great success. The work, now in a voluntary and free of charge , is to manage our game and keep in touch with our registered users , in their country of residence. In addition, you need to do know , our web portal and help people, to sign up and create a personal profile. You can work with us directly and comfortably from your home, using your PC, in your free time, along with other friends. For more information, read the Official Rules , the various articles and by-laws are on mywebmytv.com . Help us to know as many people as possible, our project, and we hope it will also become your project. Thank you.